HBRI Sponsors Local Junior High Robotics Team

MVMS SD ROBOTECHS is a team for FTC Robotics. All team members are Mesa Verde Middle school 8th graders. This past year, the team participated in the FTC 2014-2015 "Cascade Effect". The team built a Robot that could go forward, backward, left and right, turn left and right, had a catcher with foldable arms that could catch and release plastic balls. In Autonomous mode, it could come down the ramp, align position use color sensor and sense the center kickstand position using IR Sensor and drive to the kickstand to knock off the poles. In Driver control mode, the Robot was be able to pick up plastic balls and put them in rolling goal, put rolling goal in the parking zone. The goal of our team is to learn physics, math and Engineering through hands on practices. Nurture innovation and passion for science and technology. Work and compete with “Gracious Professionalism”.

                             MVMS Robotics

TEAM UPDATE: The SD Robotechs went very first qualification tournament December 7, 2014.  The team did very well and got in the second round competition.  Even though they lost during the elimination round, the team has great confidence to keep improving for the three more qualification tournaments in the coming weeks to get qualified to the Regional competition.

The team also did well during discussion with the judges about their  work and won the 'thinking award' for their thorough documentation of their project progress in engineering notebook and their thoughtful approach tackling each challenge over the robot design and construction.  This is the second most prestigious award FIRST give out in each competition.

High School & Undergraduate Summer Internships

Prospective Interns,

As of October 29, 2015, HBRI is uncertain whether it will be able to offer its 2016 Summer Internship Program due to continued funding and staffing limitations.

We again hope that our funding situation will have changed by next summer and we will once again be able to offer our program to promising future scientists, but for now we are not currently accepting application.

Please continue to check back for updates on our 2016 program.

 - - - - - - -

HBRI offers summer internships in Biology (Molecular and Cell Biology), Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry. This is a tremendous educational opportunity and an extension of a students' science education. Students will gain hands-on laboratory experience and be mentored by well-renowned scientists in their field of study.

This is a highly coveted program year after year. The internship program is open to highly motivated high school juniors and seniors and college students interested in developing scientific expertise. Applicants must reside in San Diego, CA*, and must complete AP Biology and/or AP Chemistry prior to applying for the internship program.

*Applicants must be graduates of, or be currently attending, a high school or university in San Diego, Riverside or Imperial counties. HBRI will not accept any applications from students outside of these areas.

Internship Information and General Application instructions (.pdf)

2016 Application Form (Currently Unavailable)

In the event that the 2016 Summer Internship Program is opened, the application will be posted here along with instructions.

2014 Summer Interns
Kelsey Klein (UC Davis)

Emily Cashman (Cal Poly Pomona)

2012 Summer Interns
Ashley Dwyer (Scripps Ranch High School)

Jaclyn Hirbawi (Pacific Ridge School)
Chloe Jones (Smith College)
Kayla Moritzky (Swarthmore College)

2011 Summer Interns
Alyssa Morgosh (Bates College; The Bishop's School)
Emily Smith (Cal Poly SLO; Torrey Pines High School)
Hursuong Vongsachang (San Marcos High School)
Ingrid Zyserman (UCSD, Torrey Pines High School)

2010 Summer Interns
Tara Alpert (Washington University, St. Louis; Francis Parker School)
Torrey Czech (La Jolla High School)
Claire Johns (University of California, Berkeley; Point Loma High School)
Alyssa Morgosh (The Bishop's School)
Brittney Nguyen (High Tech High School)
Isaac Tian (Westview High School)

2009 Summer Interns Adam Kaldor (La Jolla Country Day HS)
Jared Mihalik (Rancho Bernardo HS)
Snigdah Poddar (University City HS)
Margaret Zhou (Westview HS)
Rachel MacManus (Educator at Canyon Crest Academy)

2008 Summer Interns Jia Jennifer Ding (Rancho Bernardo HS) Tara Wu (Torrey Pines HS)
Hurnan Vongsachang (San Marcos HS)
Melissa Ackley (La Jolla Country Day HS)

2007 Summer Interns Melissa Ackley (La Jolla Country Day HS)
Michelle Wolfe (Yale)
Logan Fink (Patrick Henry HS)
Alan Sit (Torrey Pines HS)
Devin Choi (Rancho Bernardo HS)

2006 Summer Interns
Luke Guo (Westview High School)
Kiersten Riedler (Harvard University; La Jolla Country Day School)

2005 Summer Interns Timothy Easton (Santa Fe Christian School)
Daniel Han (UC San Diego; Sierra High School)
Matthew Lawson (University of Virginia; La Jolla Country Day School)
Bhanu Muniyappa (Rancho Bernardo High School)
Ruzbeh Mosadeghi (UC San Diego)

Funding for the HBRI Summer Internship Program HBRI relies on grant money and private donations to support this internship program. Private donations are critical to support this coveted program. If you are interested in supporting HBRI, please send an e-mail to Rebekah Handley at ScienceEducation@hbri.org or click on the "Donate Now" button on our home page.