Contract Work

HBRI engages in contract research as a service to the scientific community and to follow its mandate to do research in the interest of the public. A wide variety of expertise in analytical chemistry, synthetic and combinatorial medicinal chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and vivarium work is available. In addition, considerable expertise in drug design and drug development including safety evaluation and in vitro and in vivo ADME studies are available. For inquiries about contract work, contact HBRI at

Contract Research Available:

HBRI has expertise in various areas of drug development and drug safety evaluation available for contract work. Synthesis, combinatorial chemistry, and synthesis of radiolabeled and stably labeled compounds are available. Scale-up synthesis is available. Analytical services including quantification of pharmacokinetic or other pharmacologically relevant samples by HPLC and GC are available. In vivo pharmacokinetic studies of radiolabeled and non-radiolabeled compounds in small animals are available.

In vitro drug safety evaluation of small molecules is available. Determination of intrinsic clearance, microsomal half-life, substrate-metabolic enzyme phenotyping, metabolic enzyme inhibition, metabolic enzyme induction, protein binding, and metabolic stability is available to predict drug safety in humans. Physical pharmaceutical characterization including drug candidate stability, solubility and lipophilicity is available.

Cloning, sequencing and cDNA-expression of target genes is available. Biochemical characterization of novel enzymes and receptors is available. cDNA-expression of human monooxygenases including flavin-containing and cytochrome P-450 monooxygenases is available. Cloning and cDNA-expression of novel esterases is also available. Preparation of sub-cellular fractions from animal and human for drug metabolism studies is available.

Biochemical and cellular characterization of toxicity in primary and cultured cells is available. Cancer cell biology and biochemistry is available. Stem cell differentiation technology is available. Biochemical and morphological evaluation of potentially apoptotic compounds is available.

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